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Archaeos – archaeological services is a company that offers services fir archaeological projects and was founded in March 2012, to be able to work in archaeology independently after finishing studying archaeology (pre- and proto history of north western Europe. Initially with the intent to do pottery determination projects in the field of hand formed prehistoric ceramics, soon other assignments that suit my qualifications were offered: translating (archaeological) texts Dutch- German / German-Dutch), correcting German texts, writing (archaeological) texts in Dutch and German. I also got the possibility to get ample experience in working with the Dutch archaeological database ARCHIS and the sorting, cataloguing and (re)organising of finds and archive datasets. In addition to these services I will gladly be of service with other archaeological assignments like fieldwork or writing reports. As I am still a junior archaeologists, all projects that have to be done according to KNA-regulations will be carried out under supervision of a senior archaeologist with knowledge of the area of expertise requested. If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote for a project, you can contact me by phone or per email, the contact data can be found under the tab ‘contact’